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?This Sunday is Lessons and Carols

?Ben?s Bin?. ? The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet said, “But mouse you are not alone in proving foresight may be vain.? The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.? And leave us nothing but grief and pain for promised joy.”??? Expectations can crush us at Christmas.? We may expect more than we receive.? We may make travel plans that change because of sickness, or an accident, or a layoff.? When our hopes and dreams are twisted it takes our strength and energy away.? Probably Joseph and Mary had not planned on going to Bethlehem while she was so close to having a baby.? But government law changed things for them.? Certainly Mary and Joseph did not plan on fleeing to Egypt away from Herod’s soldiers.? But on the other hand, the shepherds did not expect angels in their field.? The wise men did not expect a long journey.? God has a way of reminding us that we are not in charge.? Yet, we can put our hopes and dreams in His hands.? Don?t let false expectations control you.? Be flexible enough to both listen and submit to God and the reality God has set before you.? God will lead you through and you will overcome the inconveniences of life.? In heaven dreams and hopes will be realized.

???? We are planning on having our Children’s Ministry Building dedication 12/21.? Paving will be done the week before.? It will be outside the building in the covered-walkway and drive.? This is a celebration of the end of our construction phase. It will be the handing over of the keys to the building.? However, we probably will not have a certificate of occupancy- which means we cannot tour the building.? The playground will go in 12/29 and the nursery will start in the building 1/4.? Dayschool will begin 1/20 (the Tuesday after MLK Day).? The Covered-walkway will be finished about that same week.? There will be an open house on Dayschool Sunday 2/22.?? Thank you to all who have given and prayed for this dream to become a reality.

?????There are free Advent devotionals written by our three pastors: Ben, Richard, and Tracie. It is entitled, ?Getting into the Spirit of Christmas.?? These are free and may be found in the church office, narthex, and in the fellowship hall lobby.

PLEDGES- The most common use of the word ?pledge? in the Bible means ?engaged.?? So Mary was ?pledged? to be married.? When we pledge ourselves to the Lord, we are engaging ourselves to Him.? A pledge is not just giving money to the budget, it is reaffirming our love for God.? It is a vow made in love.? Please join us in giving ourselves to the work of the Lord here at LMPC.?? To date we have 167 people pledging $629,000.? This is below where we need to be to make our budget.? Please consider pledging today if you haven?t done so already.

Peru Trip ? Just a reminder that our trip to Peru is scheduled for June 26 ? July 4th, 2015. Anyone who would like to go or may be thinking about it can sign up for information in the Fellowship Hall. We would also appreciate your support during fundraisers and the annual ?March is for Missions? events. We would like to have a larger group this upcoming trip to show our support and friendship for our Peruvian partners who so much want to see us. If you can?t go, maybe you could financially support someone who would like to go. It?s an experience that you will always remember. For more information you can contact Ray Peterson at (803) 960-7900.

WE CARE ? ?The Clemson-USC Can Off has come to a close with We Care the winner! A total of 4,143 pounds was donated over the past 8 weeks. The hunger needs still exist. Here’s the most needed items for December: SALMON, TUNA, CANNED CHICKEN, PINTO BEANS, BLACK-EYED PEAS, BAKED BEANS, CHUNKY SOUP, SPAGHETTI SAUCE, PANCAKE MIX/SYRUP, PEANUT BUTTER. ?Can-off Final Tally: Clemson ? 1,977; USC ? 1,926; Georgia Tech ? 170

GIVING TREE: Each year you are invited to take ornaments from our ?Giving Tree? and fill the requests that are written on the ornament. Tape the ornament onto the package and bring your unwrapped gift or gifts to the Fellowship Hall and place your gift(s) under the Giving Tree. If you bring a gift card or scholarship donation, please put it inside one of the small white envelopes found beside the wrapped box.?? Please put the tag inside the envelope, too. Place the filled envelopes inside the wrapped box.?? Please do not wrap your packages. Gifts and scholarships must be back to the church by Sunday, December 14, 2014. Tags: Christmas Trees for Sistercare, Angels for Christgate, Red Barns for Newberry Boy?s Farm, Water droplets for Fit 2 Drink and Tents for Boy Scout Troop 411


JJ’s and Middlers ~?Christmas Caroling! 1:00-3:00 pm. Get your singing voices ready! Meet at the church and bring your families!

Sr Highs ~?Progressive?Dinner. 5:00 pm. Meet at the church and we will go around Chapin to a few houses and enjoy a wonderful meal! Bring a white elephant gift ($5 – $10) for exchange at the dessert house. If you can’t meet at 5:00, give Megan a call and catch up with them. Today will be our last regular youth meetings of 2014. Youth Group will resume January 4th, 2015.

ATTENTION?COLLEGE?STUDENTS! We are having a?College?Student?reunion?dinner?for past LMPC youth! Friday, December 19th at 6:00PM at the home of the Layne’s (108 Lazy Cove Lane, Chapin). We sure hope to see all our?college?students?there! Spread the word! Also, ask Megan about Montreat?College?Conference if you have not already heard and are interested.

December Ladies Night Out Tuesday, December 16th, 6:30 pm?316 Old Bush River Rd., Chapin. Hosted by Becky Hash and Trish Edwards. Please bring a small gift to exchange and a favorite book for our new LMPC Day School to share! Christmas PJ’s/Christmas Casual are both welcome! A-K Beverages and L-Z Favorite Holiday appetizer.

Christmas Eve 5 pm Family Service will include the children presenting the nativity story. Parents, if you would like to help with this, please see Jane Jermac. We will rehearse on Tuesday, December 23 at 10 am and possibly another rehearsal. Watch for more details. We also need youth for speaking parts. There will also be a 7:00 pm Christmas Eve worship service (Candlelight and full choir) and an 11:00 pm Christmas Eve worship?????? service (Candlelight communion).

Our Annual Longest Night Service, a special service?for healing and wholeness, ?will be held on Sunday, December 21 at 6:00.? This will be a prayer service of hope?for our world, our nation, our community, our families, and ourselves.

Progressive Caroling? This SUNDAY!? bring your voice and join us to sing Christmas carols at the Presbyterian Community (Presbyterian Home). Please join us from 1-3pm.

Presbyterian Women will have a?Christmas Dessert Sale?following?worship on Sunday, December 14.? Pick up some wonderful desserts for your holiday get together or?share some with co-workers, neighbors and friends.? You are sure to find?some goodies for?the kids, Santa, or even yourself!

STAFF LOVE OFFERING: The Love Offering is a way to say thanks to the people who work at the church on a day to day basis. The staff is dedicated and do much behind the scenes to make things go smoothly. Cleaning, typing, counseling, nurturing, visiting, creating, organizing, teaching and preaching, are just some of the ways our staff works for the glory of God. A love offering will be taken 11/16 – 12/14 for our church staff to let them know how much they are appreciated.

The 2015 LMPC Altar Flower Sing up book is located in the Fellowship Hall Narthex.????????????????????????????????? Flowers are still $45 per vase and payment is due at the time of signup.

Prayer Requests

*Drew McCathern; Jeff Hein; *Van Brown; Karen Greyton; *Brian Adams Father; *Landry Higginbotham; Alison Jaskinski; *Jim Algar; *Barbara Bauknight; Laura Mars; *Walt Rucker;?? Peiman Yaraei, son in law of *John and *Lyn Richards; Austin Guy; *Joel Winchip; Gary Kessler; *Buster Rhame; Mazie Atkinson; Irma New; *Gene Crocker; Amy Miles; Brooks Askins; Collette Knight; *Steve Holleman; Henry Gibson; *Lynn Bigler; *Jim Pepper?s mother; Betsy Dix, daughter of *Lois Cathcart; Ricky Floyd, brother of *Nancy Shealy; Jay Johns; Ronnie Collins; *Ruth Palassis? sister; Jeremy Halsy; *Nancy Whiteside; *Ruth Palassis; *Joe David; *Roxanne Edwards; *Betsy Cothran; *Jon Buhrow; Elizabeth Wilson; *Alyssa Mott; *Daniel White; friends and family???????? members serving in the military; A Child Shall Lead Them Project; (*members)


December 14? ??????????? Lessons and Carols 10:30
PW Bake Sale; Caroling!
December 21???? ??????? Dedication of Children Min Bldg
Longest Night Service
December 24?????? ?????? Christmas Eve Services 5, 7, 11

Who Is Serving December 14

Ushers???????????????????? ?? Worship Attendant?????????????????? Greeters?????????????????? ? Nursery Attendants
Eddie Edwards?????????? (A) Andrew Latiff????? ?????? ??? Charlene Morgan?????? 10 am Leslie Lindler
Bill Morrow?????? ??????? (C) Mary Nowell???????? ?????? ???? Sharon Woodward???? ???????? Sidney Lindler???????????? ???????????Rick Pascal?????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ?????????Anna Hattaway
Debbie Jarrett? ??????????? Children?s Church?????????????????? Sound System?????????? Liturgist
Craig McDaniel?????????? Merideth Strawhorn ?? ?????????? Pat O?Cain ???? ??????????? Ruthanne Nicholson
Fred Yandle??????????????? Belle Harrell
Steve Stebbins

Sun Up Ushers: Ken and Karen Krauskopf

Who Is Serving December 21

Ushers???????????????????? ?? Worship Attendant?????????????????? Greeters?????????????????? ? Nursery Attendants

Alan Grimsley ??????????? (A) Clay Aull?????????????? ?????? ??? Gina Breland?? ??????????? 10 am Mary Jim Howe

Mike Murrell???? ????????? (C) Carson Aull ????????? ??????????? John Burriss???? ???????? ???????????Ann McCrary?????????????????????? Jim Dunbar?????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ????????? Tyler Sims

Bob Branch???????????????? Children?s Church???????????????????? Sound System?????????? Liturgist

Charles Casebeer???????? Clark & Kelly Rogers ?????????? Ben Breland ??? ??????????? Alan Peace

Todd Woodward???????? Tyler Sims

John Burriss

Sun Up Ushers: Rick Pascal and Yank Brice

?Elder on Call the week of:

December 14?? ??????????? Ruthanne Nicholson?? 609.0741
December 21?? ??????????? Alan Peace????????????????? 331.2430

Deacon on Call the week of:
December 14?????????? ??? Pam Lofton???????????????? 673.6531
December 21?? ??????????? Mandy McCathern????? 513.2166

?Our web page is www.lmpchurch.org. Our sanctuary Wifi password is Lovinggod123

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