November 7 ENews


November 7, 2014
Sermon: ?Does it Have to be COLD Water??????Dr. J. Ben Sloan???? Scripture Lesson:? Matthew 10:37-42

?Ben?s Bin?. ? In my first church I baptized about one baby every one and a half years. It was a HUGE deal for the whole church because it was so rare. Life is such a gift, and to commit a child to God and to welcome a child into the church family of faith is so very important.
The last couple of years LMPC has been blessed with a slew of baptisms. It is a good thing that we are building a Children’s Ministry Building. Such a building would be necessary if we didn’t add any more members. We are finding it will free up the Gym building for a lot of important uses that we have been neglecting. Adult classes will not have to double up with Preschool posters moving chairs and tables each week. Some classes can get out of the Fellowship Hall, and this frees up room to make things organized- with a Missions Room for Snackpack storage and more. So we will have had three baptisms in a row (Cayden Brown, Addy Hinson/Hood, Knox Evans, and Allison Furse is around the corner in December with Rhett Joannides the end of October). Each child is special in God’s sight. Each baptism energizes our church with hope for the future, and strength to move forward. When Jason New and his son were baptized the same day- that was special. That we have more baptisms than funerals is a great thing- that should not be overlooked. That we are doing so much for children means we should also look to do more for our young adults- offering opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. We have a number of young adults coming on the diaconate and session in January. Baptisms are much more significant than political victories or football games. Republicans and Democrats will continue to move back and forth. Clemson and Carolina will both win and both lose- and five years from now we will have a hard time remembering. I stay up late watching both results with keen interest. But I am reminded that the world changes more from the welcoming of a child into the family of God than we may begin to realize. I am so grateful for LMPC. It is an amazing place to be.

???? There are many examples in scripture of making a vow or a pledge to give to the Lord. It is a commitment given in faith- in a culture where commitments are hard to come by and deep faith is hard to find. But our stewardship theme is “Rooted and Reaching.” Our commitment is based on those who committed before us to make a fellowship of faith. Our commitment is based on the hope that we will continue to bear fruit. We are especially challenged as our church grows and has special needs to give to get us over the hump of growth. We have special needs in terms of personnel (associate, property supervisor, help to fill in for Laura Mars), and property needs- with a new building. We are also trying to get our Missions budget back where it should be- to help needy causes more- like Thornwell and Goodworks. The needs of the poor are not decreasing but increasing. Together, we can do much. But we need to all play our part and give as God has blessed us to His glory and for His name.???? Sunday 11/16 we will come forward with our Time and Talent sheets, pledge cards, and regular offerings and put them in the baskets up front as a symbol of our commitment to the Lord. Remember the roots God has given you and be generous. Remember the need to reach out and commit yourself to give to others with a grateful heart to God.

JJ’s ~?5:00-6:00 pm Bible Study @ LMPC 6:00-6:30 pm Dinner
Middlers ~?Lunch and a movie right after church! We’ll grab some lunch and head on over to see?Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at Carmike at 1:30! We’ll return to LMPC around 3:45. Bring $$ for lunch and movie!
Sr Highs ~?6:00-6:30 pm Dinner 6:30-7:30 pm Devotion @ LMPC

WE CARE ?We still have one month to go in the exciting Clemson vs. USC Give-off! Check the chart behind the orange and black tubs in the Fellowship Hall to see how your team is doing. We Care helped over 70 families just in the past week! Your continued?????????? ???support is greatly appreciated. Here’s the most needed items for November: SPAGHETTI SAUCE, FLOUR, RAMEN NOODLES/CUPS, BAKED BEANS, PINTO BEANS/BLACKEYED PEAS, CANNED FRUIT, CHILI BEANS, PEANUT BUTTER/JELLY, CANNED POTATOES/YAM & COLLARD GREENS. ?Thank you for helping to provide for our neighbors in need! If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Rickman at 351-2280.

So far to date for our Carolina?Clemson Food Drive. Carolina 615 – Clemson 637

Presbyterian Women, Crafty Ladies, and Knit Wits with be holding a Mini Bazaar following the 8:30 and 10:30 AM worship services on Sunday, November 9, 2014.??Beautiful crafts, frozen casseroles, and delicious soups will be for sale with proceeds benefitting PW projects.

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world. LMPC is providing the colorful shoe boxes for you to fill with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies. Boxes are available for pick up in the Fellowship Hall along with instructions. There is also a “Let?s Be Friends!” coloring sheet for children to include if they are helping fill a box. Our goal this year is 300 boxes filled! Please return the shoe boxes on or before Sunday, Nov. 16th to LMPC for?????????????? dedication and delivery to the local drop off center.?

On November 19, 2014, the Merry Presbyterians will visit the?South Carolina State House,?the building housing the state government?in Columbia. ?Following a tour of the building and grounds, we will walk across the street to?Trinity Episcopal?Cathedral,?the first?Episcopal?church?and the oldest surviving sanctuary in?Columbia. We will have lunch at the?McCutchen House on the USC campus. There is no charge for the tours. The LMPC bus is available for 15 riders at $2.00 per person. Please call the church office (345-5140) to?register and sign up to ride the bus. We will depart the church parking lot at 9:30 a.m. and return around 3:00 p.m.?Ann and Walter Hall are the event?coordinators.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE? There is a new sidewalk connecting the Sanctuary to the Chidlren?s Ministry Building. The masons have finished their beautiful brickwork. We have put in about 64 panes of glass this week, and the insulation is going in. Painting and tile work is being done, as well as grading for the building and the drive. We may temporarily lose some more parking, but we hope to have things paved by the end of this month.?? We are still planning on dedicating the building 12/21? everything is still on?? schedule.

Adult Christmas Party is December 4. Tickets will go on sale ($28) today after church. This will be a special prime rib dinner with live entertainment and fellowship at Mid-Carolina CC.

Snack packs for Thanksgiving The children will be home for 6 days and we really need to make sure they do not go hungry. LMPC currently serves anywhere from 35-40 children in our community on the weekends. Adding these items will be necessary since they are home for so long!Peanut butter (small jars), Vienna sausages, Beenie Weenies,Ravioli, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Raisins and Saltines.?? We need at least 40 of each to add to the Snackpack-all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Recipients for Thanksgiving Day Meals

The Chapin area community is preparing to host its annual Thanksgiving at the HUB. We need your help. Between now and November 20, 2014, please contact Cheyrl Boone at 345 -1148 or?? ( if you know of a family or individual that could benefit from a good hot meal on Thanksgiving Day. The community would be glad to show their concern for anyone that needs our help. Contact that someone you know who could use our help and if they will accept our offer, please let me know. Meals will arrive between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
Sometimes pride keeps a person from signing up because they do not want just anyone to know they need help. If you know someone like this, but they are willing to take help from you and you can take meals to them on Thanksgiving Day, please sign your name to the recipient list.?? Just let us know that you will be making a delivery and how many meals you will need. The meals will be packed and waiting for you at the HUB by 10:30 am on Thanksgiving Day.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Fruit Packing ? Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Please come to the LMPC gym at 6:00 for dinner and fruit packing. You will need to contact Cheyrl Boone (345 ? 1148) or or Melinda Rogers (345 -7066) to let us know that you are coming. We want to be sure we have enough food. The fruit packing should not take more than an hour.

Thanksgiving Day at the HUB ? Thursday, November 27, 2014
The HUB?s address is 670 Meadowlark Road, Little Mountain, SC 29075.
Come to the HUB on Thanksgiving morning and help us prepare, pack and deliver meals to the needy in our community. Everyone are welcome. You do not need to sign up to come to the HUB on Thanksgiving morning.?? 8:30 – 9:00 food arrives?? 8:30 ? 9:30 set up?? 9:30 – plates prepared?? 10:30 – deliver plates?

The 2015 LMPC Altar Flower Sing up book is located in the Fellowship Hall Narthex.???????????????????????????????? Flowers are still $45 per vase and payment is due at the time of signup.

Prayer Requests

Laura Mars; *Mary Margaret Thomas; *Jason New; *George Shealy and family upon the passing of *Tootsie Shealy; *Walt Rucker; *Hack McGill and family upon the loss of his mother; Peiman Yaraei, son in law of *John and *Lyn Richards; Austin Guy; The family of Josh Monts; *Joel Winchip; The family of *Lewie Harrell upon his passing; Gary Kessler; *Buster Rhame; Mazie Atkinson; Irma New; *Gene Crocker; Amy Miles; Brooks Askins; *Nancy Brooks; Collette Knight; *Steve?? Holleman; Henry Gibson; *Lynn Bigler; *Jim Pepper?s mother; Nathan Derrick, son in-law of *Erma Kaminer; Betsy Dix, daughter of *Lois Cathcart; *Irene Menchinger; Ricky Floyd, brother of *Nancy Shealy; Jay Johns; Ronnie Collins; *Ruth Palassis? sister; Jeremy Halsy; *Nancy Whiteside; *Ruth Palassis; *Joe David; *Roxanne Edwards; *Betsy Cothran; *Jon Buhrow; Elizabeth Wilson; *Alyssa Mott; *Daniel White; friends and family members serving in the military; A Child Shall Lead Them Project; (*members)

Please pray for our Business Administrator, Laura Mars, who underwent surgery.?

November 9?? ??????????? PW Mini Bazaar

November 10????????????? Joy Circle 10am F. Hall

November 11????????????? Faith Circle 6:30 F. Hall

November 12????????????? Trinity Circle Noon El Poblano

Peace Circle 6:30 F. Hall

November 16 ??????????? Operation Christmas Dedication Sunday November 23 ?? ??????? Community Thanksgiving December 4???????????? ?? Adult Christmas Party

December 6??????????????? Justin Pepper Toy Drive

December 14? ??????????? Lessons and Carols December 21?????????? ?? Dedication of Children MinBldg

December 24???? ???????? Christmas Eve Services 5, 7, 11


Who Is Serving November 9
Ushers???????????????????? ?? Worship Attendant?????????????????? Greeters?????????????????? ? Nursery Attendants
Clare McGill??????????????? (A) Clay Aull?????????????? ?????? ??? Fred Yandle???? ??????????? 10 am Virginia Shealy
Bill Shattuck??????????????? (C) Carson Aull?????????? ?????? ??? Debbie Yandle?? ??????? ???????????Autumn Browder
Hack McGill
John Ferguson ??????????? Children?s Church???????????????????? Sound System?????????? Liturgist
Jordan Berry??????????????? Catherine Latiff?????????? ?????? ???? ?Ben Brleand ? ??????????? Billy Higginbotham
David Jameson??????????? ??????????? Ashley Latiff
Jeff Harrington

Sun Up Ushers: David Jameson and Robert Shealy

Who Is Serving November 16
Ushers???????????????????? ?? Worship Attendant?????????????????? Greeters?????????????????? ? Nursery Attendants
Lamar Comalander????? (A) Autumn Browder? ?????? ???? Doug Martin??? ??????????? 10 am Elinor Harris
Rahn McCrady ??????????? (C) Addie Harrington? ?????? ??? Dianne Martin?? ???????? ???????????Mary Hoskins
Smyth McCrady???????? ???????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? Belle Harrell
Sandy Westmoreland?? Children?s Church?????????????????? Sound System?????????? ? Liturgist
Ken Jermac????????????????? Taylor Rider??? ????????? ?????????? Charles Craft?????????????? Vacant
Vann Mullis???????????????? Caroline Rider
Lovic Brooks
Keith Sims

Sun Up Ushers: David Ayer and Jan Overstreet

Elder on Call the week of:

November 9??? Billy Higginbotham??? 345.2527

November 16? Michael Long????????????? 348.4560

Deacon on Call the week of:??

November 9??? Libby Smith??????????????? 7345.0767

November 16? David Strawhorn??????? 622.7339

Our web page is Our sanctuary Wifi password is Lovinggod123


Thank you for all the visits, calls and prayers during Busters recovery. We truly appreciate each and every one.

Buster and Jackie Rhame



During the advent season poinsettias add such a special touch to our church. If you would like to order a poinsettia, please fill out the information below and drop it in the offering plate.


No. of Poinsettias:_________ @ $12.00 each


In Honor of:______________________________________



In Memory of:____________________________________


The last day to place your order is Sunday, November 30th

*You may pick up your plants after the 11pm Worship service on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

May the Deacons distribute your plants to the homebound after Christmas?

Yes_________ No________

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