5-11-14 “Keeping our Children Safe”

Romans 5:12, 6:23; Isaiah 66:13?? Mother’s Day

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?Keeping Our Chidlren Safe? Romans 5:12; 6:23


I. THE DISEASE OF OUR CHILDREN: Many attribute the origination to Mother?s Day to Julia Ward Howe who wrote, ?Battle Hymn of the Republic?, who after the civil war, wanted mother?s north and south to remember the pain of losing their children in the war and work for peace. It was an effort both to honor mothers and protect children. Every loving mother wants to protect her children. Last week we heard of a deadly virus sneaking into our country from Saudi Arabia that had no known cure. One person had that disease and was self-contained in an Indiana hospital. But we should be more nervous for our children over another disease. We hear of its symptoms every night on the news. It has infected every one of our children- it is in every country, every language group. This sickness lies there hidden. Sometimes it pops out, and sometimes it lays dormant- but it is always there in the background. It effects the brain, the body, and the soul. Just like other diseases, many pretend it is not there- some pretend they can conquer it by diet and exercise, acupuncture, education, and behaving well- but it cannot be conquered on our own. Just as we need an injection to conquer polio, measles, mumps, and diphtheria- so we need an outside element to help us. This disease will lead to certain death. Many say it will not, but it kills not just our body, but our soul. What is this disease that is so common- yet so often ignored? It is the disease of sin. ???? II. THE POWER OF THIS DISEASE A. HOSTILE TO GOD- Our Scots Confession says that our sin makes us hostile to God. Mothers, you probably remember a time when your child was hurt- a scraped elbow or knee. You wanted to put a bandaid and a little antisceptic on it- and they said, ?Don?t touch it!? Splinters are the worst. I can remember the child with the splinter saying, ?Pull it out! Pull it out! It hurts!? Then when I get the tweezers- it was like, ?Don?t touch me! Stay away from me?and the tears would flow.? There are many people who don?t want to go to a doctor today because they don?t want to get the cure. They don?t want the needle in the arm. The Rotary Club has come very close to inoculating the whole world from polio. But there are only two or three countries. One really terrible thing that happened was that in India, Pakistan, and Nigeria some tribal leaders told their people the westerners were trying to poison them with the polio vaccine. In the ancient world, the Romans said that the Christian?s god encouraged cannibalism because we talked about ?eating his body and drinking his blood.??? ?? I really think that there is a natural -albeit sinful- animosity to all things godly. So we should not be surprised when our children buck going to church. We should not be surprised when our youth would rather play a game or a sport instead of going to youth group. But let me tell you this- and say it very strongly and clearly- saying it as a great fan of sports and extracurricular activity your children are better served by getting their souls strengthened than anything else you can do for them. If the coach tells you that your life must revolve around baseball for your child to make the team; or if the dance instructor says that they must go out of town every weekend for three months to be a really good dancer. Run away. Run away like Joseph ran from Potiphar?s wife. Recognize that the comfort and getting ahead in this life- can be a great allurement from their ultimate good. It is like people telling you- you are too busy to get your weekly shot. To do this or go here or there and that you would be too busy to take your cancer drug that keeps you alive- would you therefore listen to them? No! We need God- He desires that we allow space and time in our lives for Him. Do not be surprised if the world is hostile to God- and wants us to quit praying, quit worshiping, quit ministering- even quit helping the homeless and the poor in Christ?s name. Jesus was wonderful- loving- kind- healing- and we proved our hostility to Him on the cross. Mothers- keep your children?s souls safe. Just as they may want to touch a hot stove, or run out into the road, or try some experimental drug- and you say no; Guard the heart of your child while you can. For when they grow up ? you will not be able to guard it. B. SLAVES TO WRONG AND SERVANTS TO SIN- If you have ever been addicting to something, you know it is a bad feeling. I have been addicted to sugar- which is more addicting I am told than cocaine. I?ve been addicted to coffee- my wife has too. She used to have a sign on her school desk that said, ?Don?t talk to me until I?ve had my first cup of coffee.? But if you are addicted to something that you know is wrong- it is a bad, sick feeling. You want to stop, but feel powerless and helpless. Let me tell you- we are addicted to sin. That doesn?t mean we sin every second. Calvin said we sin every day in thought, word and deed.?? But we are addicted nonetheless. I have seen children addicted to wrong, and watched their mothers suffer, suffer, and suffer- watching their child go through the pains of being addicted. It is one of the saddest things in life.

III. THE CURE OF THIS DISEASE- The really great news is that there is a cure for the disease every child faces. The cure is Jesus- the way, the life. Millions testify to the power of Christ to make their life better, to bring hope, strength and life- and we should want this for our children. The cure is not church. The church building is like the hospital where you get the cure. The church people are like nurses and therapists who having taken the cure and are helping us on the path to be cured. ?? Jochabed was the mother of Moses. She broke the Law in giving birth to him and not killing him. She put him in a basket. But she also risked her life and the life of her daughter, Miriam, having Miriam follow the baby and offer to have a Hebrew nurse her- allowing her mother to teach the child about the faith of her fathers and mothers. She risked her life to teach her child the faith. We can learn from that this Mother?s Day. ?? Here is a small tell for Mother?s Dat. Kevin Durant won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award this past week. He gave THE best most inspiring acceptance speeches I have ever seen for the NBA MVP or any other MVP. He thanked God at the beginning and end, thanked his teammates, and then he looked at his mother and said, You made us believe. You kept us off the street. Put clothes on our backs. Food on the table. When you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You’re the real MVP.?? We want so much to keep our children safe- off the street- out of trouble. We can?t. But we are not alone. God is our help. He is the One who gave us children, and He is the One who allows us as a community- a church- to care for them.



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