8-3-14 Sermon: “The Inextinguishable Living Water”

For Youtube of this sermon click here: “The Inextinguishable Living Water” preached at LMPC 8-3-14 Isa. 55; John 4
Driving down the interstate this week I saw a huge glass of ice tea on the billboard, and the caption in bold letters said, ?Are you thirsty yet??? The word ?Yet? implies that we will be thirsty again.? So? are you thirsty yet for God?? How thirsty are you? ?Someone asked me, ?You?ve been in ministry for almost 30 years, what makes someone thirst for Jesus??? What makes you thirsty for the living water?? It is when whatever you have been living for is taken away.? Could be the golfer who can’t play golf. Could be the lover who lost their love.? The worker who lost their job. ?But really, do we have to lose our idol to wake up to God?? ?In the end there is only One designed to quench our thirst with inextinguishable living water.? Thirsty yet?? Thirst is something we all must fulfill again and again.minimum 8 glasses of 8 oz.? Passage asks if thirsty come to the waters- the living waters. Jesus said to hunger and thirst for righteousness.?? eye never has enough of seeing- greedy never have Enid wealth.? When can you be satisfied?? Tax free weekend- too many trying to shop til drop- but will not be satisfied.? The living water cannot be extinguished but our deep inner thirst for peace and satisfaction can be quenched with God. ??We can run out of stuff- or we can run out of satisfaction with stuff.? But either way- we learn that we need the One who made everything- and is the one who both designed our thirst and designed our thirst to be quenched in Him.? Ironically, happiness is related somewhat to our ability to give things up more than trying to hold on to them. I. THE WATER IS FINE- I can remember going on mission trips and one of the first things they will say is, ?The natives will say the water is drinkable, but don?t drink the water!?? There are 783 million people without drinkable water in our world- about 1 out of every 6 people on earth or to put it another way 2.5 times the population of the USA. ?3.4 million die of water related illnesses each year- that is basically the City of LA.? More people have mobile phones than have toilets.? Safe, drinkable, reliable water is important- in the day of Jesus and in our day too.? No water will kill you in 100 hours- 60% of our body is made of water.? It is found in every cell and is used to digest, regulate temperature, and lubricate. But just as no water will kill you, so bad water will kill you.? Jesus said he was the living and good water- that gives eternal life.? Jesus was talking to a Samaritan woman.? The Samaritans synchronized Mesopotamian religion with Judaism.? Jesus did not debate her, he only said, a time is coming when we will worship in spirit and in truth.?? Scripture calls us to not just make up truth, but to bend our lives to the truth.? Just because I say a certain place?s water is good and I happen to be thirsty, does not mean it is good.? Just because I say a certain truth is good and I feel it ought to be, does not mean it is so. A. CONFIDENCE THAT IT WILL NOT RUN OUT- Jesus will not run out on us.? Never leave us or forsake us. Never thirst- poetic truth.?? The woman at the well didn?t get it because she was thinking too small and too woodenly.? The water was not H2O but the Living Water. well that will never run dry.? 8 years ago our well ran out in a drought.? No shower, no washing dishes, shaving a problem, bathroom use a problem, drinking is a problem.? ?Jesus is the living water that will never go dry. B. CONFIDENCE THAT IT WILL SATISFY- Quenches our thirst. Woman at the well said to Jesus- ?Give me some.?? Give me something that will satisfy me, and will never run out.? Give me something so I can have some rest.?? Dehydrated?? No energy, no strength, just exist, can’t get up get going.? Twice in my life I had experienced heat stroke with dehydration.?? I did not know that I had not been drinking enough. II. THE WATER IS FREE FOR ALL- Everyone who is thirsty.? Everyone.? Jesus used the word ?whoever? in John 4.? Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.??? It is not that the water is only there for the good.? It is not that the water is there for Americans or people in Chapin.? It is for the Democrat, Republican, male or female, the broken the unbroken, no matter who you are, what you have done, He invites you? The water is designed for every human being- just as surely as H2O is designed for every human being.? There is a God-designed thirst in each of us that is free for anyone.?? There is no kind of money that can pay for it.? If you have no money, come buy come be satisfied.?? No stuff- no money- is worth more than the love of God.? All you have to do is come- everyone is invited.?? You don?t have to have a ticket to take communion.? It is free- to remind us our relationship with God is free. III. THE WATER IS INEXTINGUISHABLE- When Jesus said His water is unquenchable, He means this in several senses. 1.? We cannot bottle up this water- You cannot put God in a box- any more than you can control the wind.? You cannot bottle up the experience of God.? It cannot be canned or duplicated scientifically or measured.? For some this is frustrating.? But would we really want a canned God- that we could pull out when we wanted, or? even a canned instrument of God.? Sure God gives us tools to use- like prayer and scripture- but God Himself is much greater than anything we can touch or see or can. 2. We cannot extinguish God.? He is the living water.? He is the eternal flame that will never go out.? I remember as a kid being in awe of John F. Kennedy?s grave having ?an eternal flame? on it.? Energy sources may give out- but He is the Ground of all being- the greatest energy source- the creator of every sun and star. We may try to ignore God- but He keeps popping back into our lives. We may try to block God- or blind ourselves to God by distractions- we do this a lot- we stay so busy we cannot sit still and know that He is God.?? If we are sitting still we must be on our phones or ipads or TVor fiddling with something.?? But just as we can try to ignore the sun, or ignore water, we cannot fully ignore it.? I hear people say all the time, ?I don?t like drinking water.?? But in the end we need some kind of H2O even if it is flavored, carbonated, or cycled through a cow. Whether we like it or not, we need God.? We cannot stop God- nor can we stop Him from drawing us to Himself.? His call upon us is relentless- you might as well give into Him. Today we will have communion.? It is free for all.? It is for those who are thirsty.? It is a reminder that there is no sin to great to keep you from the love of God, nor is there any requirement except that? you are thirsty and you want to quench your thirst in Jesus alone.

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