Adult Sunday School

We never stop growing. Our motto is “Building a flourishing church that makes disciples of Jesus Christ.”

So… we have several adult Sunday School classes.  All classes are open to new participants throughout the year.  While reading the material ahead of time is helpful, it is not compulsory for attendance.  All classes start at 9:30.

Sharing the Good News A new class in the Fall of 2018! This class will encourage the participant by sharing the Good News for them through examining various Bible passages The class will also equip participants with some practical ways they can encourage others (spouse, children, friends, neighbors, etc) with the Good News of Jesus. You can drop in as your schedule allows.

Jesus Seekers… this class studies different Christian books in the Conference Room. Reading Diane Butler Bass’s A People’s History of Christianity in the fall of 2016.

The Quest Class is reading Travelling Light Room 107 (2nd floor of Gym)

Covenant Bible Study (led by different class members).  Fred Yandle is leading the conversation.

Bible Survey Class is reading the Gospel of Mark in Room 103 (2nd floor of the Gym Building).  Ruthanne Nicholson is leading.


Mid Week Studies

Ladies Monday Night Bible Study, Mondays 7:00 to 8:30 PM, starts The Namesake on September 19th in room 107 (Gym Building).

Disciple Fast Track: Old Testament Monday 7:00 PM Co-Ed Room 103 (Gym building) Led by Dr. Ben Sloan.

Disciple Fast Track: Old Testament Prophets Thursday 10:00 AM Co-Ed In the church conference room. Led by Blaine Hill

Bible Study Fellowship: Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 PM, Rooms 103, 104, 107 in the Gym Building.

Presbyterian Women’s Circles meet once a month for fellowship, prayer and study.  Click here for more information about all of the activities of The Presbyterian Women. Kristen Lamkin is the 2016-2017 President of the Presbyterian Women.


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Ministry of Lake Murray Presbyterian

A group of mourning parents at Lake Murray Presbyterian Church in Chapin, South Carolina got together and realized the lack of resources to help parents, family members and friends cope, grieve and try to understand pregnancy and infant loss.  The LMPC PAIL Ministry was created from these conversations to help support those impacted by a pregnancy or infant loss.

LMPC PAIL is able to provide the following services to those impacted by a pregnancy or infant loss:

A devotional, available for free download here.

Annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Sunday towards the end of January

Hospital support to include handmade offerings from LMPC so families have something to take home with them

PAIL Devotional Book penned by individuals affected by a pregnancy or infant loss

Following families for a year post loss at key grief points

Individual counseling referrals as needed

Topic, scripture and discussion focused small group sessions offered twice a year.

The yellow rose cradling the peaceful baby in our logo was purposefully selected.  When a loss of this nature occurs, some hospitals will adorn the door of the mother with a yellow rose, to make staff and visitors aware that a loss has occurred to help those entering to be sensitive to the loss.  Yellow has also become a color to symbolize hope for the future and is “gender neutral” for those which are unknown.

More information and support can be found in our social media outlets: