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Flood Site Manual

Lake Murray Presbyterian has opened up its gym facilities in order to host PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) groups to come help South Carolina recover from its 1,000 year flood 10/4/15
160,000 homes were damaged $12 billion in damages ($1 billion uninsured homes), 22 counties declared federal disaster (according to USC Darla Moore School of Business). 11 trillion gallons of water fell.
We are working with the local Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) to find work sites for the groups.  We mainly work through St. Barnard’s group.
We provide an airconditioned/heated room, cots, a kitchen, breakfast and lunch, wifi, cable TV, washer and dryer, (refrigerator, stove, microwave) lounge area, good parking, 1 RV Hookup; A very safe place to stay (Chapin has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States).  LMPC built 2 indoor showers and PDA brought a four shower trailer in.

If you are interested in sending a group down, please call PDA Call Center (866) 732-6121 or email pda.callcenter@pcusa.org.   All reservations come through PDA.  We are asking to limit the number of people coming to 20 in order for the work sites not to be too crowded.  .

Click here for some information about the SC Flood.

flood group by trailer

140 rescues were made; 211 state roads and 43 bridges were closed; Had to close I-95 for 70 miles; Mandatory curfews were in place;  18 dams were breached.collapsed.  Losses of over $1 billion from uninsured home owners.  19 deaths.