Hurricane News

Hurricane News

LMPC is actively helping in the hurricane crisis.  “Houston, WE Have a Problem.” So went the astronaut from Apollo 13 calling “Mission Control” in Houston.  Houston, Florida, Georgia, and parts of South Carolina have a problem, so we do too.  At the 10:30 service we asked how many had a relative or friend in Florida or Georgia and almost everyone raised their hand.  Wilma Lutz has a sister who was flooded out in Houston. Mze Wilkins’ daughter had a baby and she went to be with them even in the hurricane. Dan and Donna McGehee rode the storm out.  Former members Billy and Lorrie Watkins faced the storm in FL.  Several others have relatives there.

The church had minimal damage, thank the Lord.  More shingles were blown off.  Limbs were blown down.  a street lamp was blown over.

You may also want to put together a hygiene kit and deliver it to the church office which will send it on to PDA.
Here is a link to the contents of the Hygiene kit.

If you’d like to give you may click here and designate it Hurricane.  The funds will go through PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) that helped us, or to Memorial Drive Presbyterian (Our sister PCUSA Fellowship Church that is a distribution center and shelter).

We also hope to send a mission team to Houston or Florida once PDA sets up a shelter and program- probably February/March.  Let know.

One important thing is to pray.  We can pray for God to calm the storm.  We can pray for those who are seeking shelter.

LMPC is also willing to open its door as a shelter for those who have need.  When we hosted PDA we built showers and that will allow us to host others  While we do not have a generator to keep power on, we do have a kitchen, TV, showers, sofas and some cots.  If you need to use the church as a shelter, please contact the pastor, Ben Sloan 727-3476.
Thanks- “Care for one another for God cares for you” (I Peter 5:7).  “If one part of the body suffers we all suffer” (1 Cor. 12:26) .

Here is a song the pastor wrote about the hurricanes and other things we face in our society.  Click here.