The Presbyterian Church is led by the elders. When the elders meet together this forms The Session which makes decisions for the church. Click Here for a link to the elder page:

Our Staff:

LMC Staff (Spring 2016)

Rev. Dr. J. Ben Sloan is our Senior Pastor. Dr. Sloan, originally from Columbia, has degrees from Clemson, Union Ben SloanSeminary VA and his doctorate from Columbia Seminary in Atlanta. He is married to Kay and they have three children Sarah Batson, a lawyer in  Greenville, SC. Sarah is married to Ryan and they have 2 daughters. Rebekah Gilliam is a middle school teacher and is married to Jay. Bekah and Jay sing in the Adult Choir. Their son, John recently graduated from Clemson. Dr. Sloan preaches at least 3 Sundays a month, teaches a class and Bible study, visits and resources the Administration, Personnel, Finance, Fellowship, Long Range Planning, Nominating, and moderates the Session. Ben can be reached at bens.lmpchurch@gmail.com, or 345-5140 ext. 112.





Rev. Blaine Hill is our new Lead Associate Pastor.  Blaine is married to Laura and they have four children ranging from Blaine Hillelementary through high school: Jack, Joseph, Isaac, and Eloise.  He is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta.  Blaine pastored two churches before coming to Lake Murray Presbyterian.  He served First Presbyterian Church in Waverly, NY from 2001 to 2005, and he was the organizing pastor and evangelist for Cherokee Presbyterian Church in Gilbert, SC where he has served from 2005-2016. Blaine and Laura have served as Young Adult Missionary Volunteers in Kerala, India.  Blaine started serving at LMPC in March of 2016.  He will be concentrating on Missions and Evangelism but will also help with general pastoral duties- preaching once a month, teaching, and pastoral care. You can reach Blaine at bhill.lmpchurch@gmail.com or (803)345-5140.




Rev. Tracie Mayes Stewart joins us as Pastor for Pastoral Care and Christian Education. Tracie is married to Brian, Tracie Stewartassociate pastor at First Presbyterian Greenville, and they have two children: Brian and William. Tracie has served PCUSA churches in Moore,SC; Mooresville, NC, Statesville, NC and Jackson TN. She has authored several books and articles, and has a heart for discipling others. Tracie may be reached at Tracies.lmpchurch@gmail.comor 727-3725.







Zeta Hastings is our Youth Director.  She has a broad background in church service as a youth leader, ruling elder, and preacher’s kid.  She has been a social worker for over 12 years and has worked in a variety of settings–with individuals, families, adults, and children.  In addition to working in private practice, Zeta has worked as an approved supervisor for other social workers seeking licensure.  She has worked at the SC Department of Juvenile Justice, hospitals and schools.  She earned her Bachelors at Presbyterian College and her Masters in Social Work at the University of South Carolina.  You may reach her at zetah.lmpchurch@gmail.com or 345-5140.






Jane Jermac is our Children’s Ministry Director. Jane is married to Ken and has two grown Jane Jermacchildren, Sarah Is married to Brandon and they have a daughter, Holly Jane; Her son Jon works for the City of Clemson. Jane is resources the Christian Education and Preschool committees as well as oversees the nursery, children’s church, VBS, church retreat and many other activities. Jane can be reached at Janej.lmpchurch@gmail.com or 345-1152.






Mele Baize is our Day School Director. Mele is in charge of the full time Day School as well as the employment of Mele Baizeteachers, handling of inspections and licensing, and general upkeep of our Day School. Mele is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has worked in daycare and day schools for many years. Recently she was the director of Eastminster Day School in Columbia. Mele is married to Dave and they have two teenage children. Mele may be reached at Meleb.lmpchurch@gmail.com.or 345-1152.






Laura Mars is the Business Administrator. Laura is married to Troy and has two children, Bennett and Zander. Laura Laura MarsLaura may be reached at lauram.lmpchurch@gmail.com or ext. 118.








Sherri Lindler is the Church Secretary. Sherri i has a son, Caleb. Her office hours are 8:00-Sherri Lindler4:30 M-F. Sherri may be reached at sherril.lmpchurch@gmail.com or call 345-5140 ext 115.








Taylor Rider directs the Youth Consignment sale and supports the Juniors for Jesus (our youth group for 4th and 5th graders).  Her email is taylorr.lmpchurch@gmail.com.

Rev. Dr. Richard Burnett is our Parish Associate. Richard grew up in Charlotte. He is a tenured professor at Erskine Seminary and has taught many places including Union Theological Seminary in Charlotte. Dr. Burnett is married to Martha and has four children. Two are grown and out and two other boys will be graduating in May. He grew up Presbyterian, his father was a Presbyterian minister, and his brother is a Presbyterian minister in the PCUSA. Richard grew up in Charlotte, has degrees from King College, Yale Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div., Ph.D.) and also studied at Tubingen University in Germany. Richard combines great teaching and preaching skills with a pastor’s heart. Richard may be reached at Richardb.lmpchurch@gmail.com or (704) 292-9873.

Jeff Hadwin, of Clean Castle, is the contractor for cleaning.

Walter Cuttino is the Music Director. Walter teaches voice at USC and is married to Simone. They have four children. Walter’s e-mail is wcuttino@mozart.sc.edu .

Ken Anderson is the Organist.

Janet Roberts is our Children’s Choir Director. Janet teaches music in District Five Schools and lives in the Chapin area. Janet’s email is SopSinger@aol.com .