The name “Presbyterian” means “people of the elder.”  We are a church governed not by our minister or the congregation, but by those leaders who are called and elected in God’s providence. Th2016 elderse session normally meets the second Sunday of each month at 7:00 P.M. for its stated meeting. It also meets briefly each Sunday after church by the baptism font to receive/dismiss members and consider urgent matters.

Clerk of Session: Thurston Chavis

Class of 2016
Bill Bearden, Peggy Burgin, John Burris, Jake Breland (Youth), Pam Hutto, David Jameson, Sam Cullum, and Brenda White

Class of 2017
Josh Edwards, Alan Grimsley, Trey Harrell, Zeta Hastings, Karen-Goon Johnson, Pat O’Cain, Ken Sullivan, Jason White, Todd Woodward

Class of 2018
Ryan Brown, Thurston Chavis, Trip Chavis, Patrick Dunbar, Jane Jameson ,Liz Thurman Knott, Chris Lindler, David Strawhorn

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