Session Minutes and Officer News

Below is a page of links to various session minutes for LMPC.

Congregational Meeting 8-26-12 (Election of elders, deacons, and APNC)

Stated Session Meeting 8-12-12

August 3, 2014 Session meeting concerning marriage

SESSION MEETING SUMMARY 7/11/17: 20 attended guests Elizabeth Bemis (Deacons/CE); Kristen Lamkin (PW) Travis Davidson in halfway house; Long Range Planning- Parking Lot to start any time; looking into speed bumps; After parking (8/1) working on scout hut; Property noted second unit to go in this or next week and ceiling fixed in gym; Finance noted $68k income and $71k expense in June- ask to hold back on expenses; Admin noted 8/12 TrinityFest; 8/15- Presbytery Clusters; CE- VBS coming; Fellowship week coming; noted big conf class (15+/-); Xtravaganza 8/20; Great Montreat youth (20 kids) and good participation GW Blitz; Zeta to focus on Middlers in July; Fellowship reported Fireflies (250 intergen) was great and so was Fireworks 7.1 (450); Evangelism is sending cards to newcomers 1-1/5 miles of church; NWC kickoff 8/27 11:30 go to; Lemonade on the lawn happening; Worship likes Woolbright florist so far; Approved Eclipse service 8.21; Trinity Choir to start Middler-young adult; Approved having Blood Drive 8.28;  Disaster Relief- thinking about South Sudan famine and how we might plug in to help- missions to make recommendation; Migrant Dinner 7/11; Personnel to host 8/21 meeting about 403b.Â