Session summary 2-9-14


The session opened in prayer with a devotion concerning the oneness of Jesus with the Father (John 10:30; 17:11).
Julia Hermelin gave a report on the Presbyterian Women- they had a record bake sale.
Jane Jameson gave a report from the deacons- they hosted 2 funerals in January (Salisbury and Loveless).
John Burriss gave a report on the ?A Child Shall Lead Them Project.?? There will be a meeting 2/12 concerning the bids; the official bids will be opened 3/5. We have extended the loan closing to 3/14.? We hope the pad will be finished by March 15.? We also will need to make a drive for the McCartha property which will cost approximately $6,000.? We will close the lower drive toward Wessinger Rd. Sunday 2/23 and we may need to get a sheriff?s deputy to help with traffic that Sunday.

Finance reported that we were in the black $9,500 in January but behind on the budget by $12,000.
We are working on getting a kiosk with an ipad with a pay swipe.? The moving expenses for the associate pastor will be taken care of out of previous overages.

Manita Craft reported on presbytery.? The presbytery approved our mortgage and loan.? The presbytery applauded our starting a new daughter church.? Presbytery approved a called meeting at LMPC 3/2 3 PM to examine our new associate.? Presbytery also approved LMPC hosting a meeting here 10/7.

Fellowship will help host Learning or Lent on Sunday nights in the gym at first.? Our first meeting will be a get to know the associate and his family covered-dish night 3/9.? March 23 will be a spaghetti dinner auction for Missions.

Evangelism reported the theme of U+1 and a new member lunch 5/4.

Worship reported the PC Choir is coming 3/4.? The choir bought 18 hymnbooks in memory of Walter Cuttino?s mother.? Our attendance in January went up 27% from 276 to 429.

Missions theme is ?Binding God?s Children Together in Missions.? The goal for We Care is 10,000 pounds;
As noted, we will have a spaghetti dinner and auction 3/23.

Personnel reported that they met with Bo and that he will work until the end of June.? He will help train the associate pastor.

The meeting was closed in prayer for the sick and grieving.
We especially prayed for Judy Jarrett Brown?s sister (Ms. Shields in a hospital in GA), Shannon Harrill, Vicki McGahee, Nancy Whiteside, Anne Cruz;? For the grieving: Danny Hood family- upon the loss of his mother;? Dede Elmosrefamily upon the loss of her mother and LMPC member- Betty Deane; Patsy Grimes; Will Clary, Loveless family,