Session Summary 4, 6

4/30/17 Meeting-
The Session heard the confirmands recite verses, approved the creed they wrote. The confirmands are Dylan King, Camden Meetze, Mary Nowell, Clay Aull, Georgia Brownfield.
PW had a good rummage sale taking in $7k.  They are inviting Westminster and Seven Oaks to hear a special speaker from Georgetown about the birthday offering.
The deacons reported 114 contacts and 31 missu cards (16 came Easter);  Harmon and Dorinda Reed asked to be removed from the church role- we will do so next meeting.
We expect the Honor Tower to be finished and dedicated 5/28.  April’s income was slightly over expenses ($303 vs 302k), but sill below budget ($339k) ytd.Presbytery meets 5/6 and we will send out a report after the meeting. Admin is working on getting together a Nominating Committee.   The youth subcommittee is getting close to calling someone and hopes are to keep Taylor Rider on in a smaller role.  Fellowship is setting up a Coveredish 7/30 and helping to sponsor the Fireflies picnic.  Evangelism is holding a new member lunch 5.7.  Worship reported trying to form a new Young Adult Choir with Erin Kay.  We are adding two more servers for communion at the 8:30 service as this service has grown.  Personnel noted that Brad Brannon is volunteering to help with bookkeeping and is a huge help especially with reconciling the capital campaign. The meting was closed in prayer for the sick.

6/11/17 Meeting Summary
It was noted that John and Jane Williams transferred to First MYrtle Beach, Lorraine Gjertsen is transferring to Clairmont Presbyterian in Atlanta but wishes to remain at LMPC as an affiliate member.  Kathleen Wilkins Miller is also transferring.  Deacons reported 52 contacts.  The Honor Tower is dedicated and we are working through a final punch list.  HVAC was working slow Sunday- we hope to put in a new HVAC in two weeks and fix the old one for now.  Elizabeth Bemis is the new CE chair as Zeta Hastings is our new Youth Director; Taylor Rider is our associate youth Director.  It is noted that this will elevate the budget somewhat ($3k) but we think we can handle this difference.  NWC recommended we form a PNC search committee to find an evangelist for the daughter church- session approved unanimously.  Worship voted to move communion to the 2nd Sunday to not interfere with Kirkin.