Funeral and Memorial Service Policy for Lake Murray Presbyterian Church

The congregation of Lake Murray Presbyterian extends their prayers and condolences to you upon the loss of your loved one. This policy has been adopted by the Session and is designed to give direction in the midst of difficult circumstances. It is our prayer that this policy will assist you in planning a funeral or memorial service that brings comfort to you and your family. Though death is never easy to face, as Christians, we know there is eternal life through the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

“I am the resurrection and the life.”

Purpose of a Funeral or Memorial Service

A service of witness to our certain resurrection hope in Jesus Christ
Provide comfort, care, and support to the family
Celebrate the faithful witness of the deceased

Making Arrangements

Contact the Pastor

It is helpful and important to contact the pastor when a loved one is near death or as soon as possible after death.? The Pastor will assist the family in responding to the death, in making decisions and in preparing for the funeral, graveside service and/or memorial service.

Contact a Funeral Home, if one is involved

Please confirm the availability of the pastor and the sanctuary before setting a time and day for the service.? You can contact the church office at (803) 345-5140.

The following decisions are made by the family or friends of the deceased:
-selection of a casket or urn
-arrangements for interment or cremation
-preparation of an obituary and placement in requested newspapers

The service

The emphasis of a service is the hope of a resurrected life with Christ and the celebration of the Christian life of the deceased. It is our prayer that the service will offer healing and hope to the family and friends.
Sample Order of Worship:
Organ Prelude
Call to Worship
Hymn or Special Music (optional)
Prayer of Invocation and Lord’s Prayer
Readings from the Old Testament
Organ Interlude or Special Music (optional)
Readings from the New Testament
Memorial Meditation and or Eulogy
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Hymn or Special Music (optional)
Organ Postlude

Eulogy ~ The family may request that a person close to the deceased give the eulogy.? Any participant in a service at LMPC must be approved by the pastor and/or Session. It is important to remember as one speaks of the deceased that the focus of the service be on Jesus Christ.? Remarks are best received when they are brief and respectful.

Flowers~ Generally, only two arrangements are displayed?in the sanctuary.? There is room for more flowers to be displayed in the Fellowship Hall.

Pictures of the Deceased~ Ordinarily, pictures are not placed in the sanctuary unless there is no casket or urn.? The Fellowship Hall has monitors that can be used to show slide shows and videos.? Easels can also be made available in the Fellowship Hall to mount pictures and picture boards.

Additional Concerns

Fees and Honorariums
Any member of LMPC?is welcome to have a funeral service in the Church. Honorariums from members are not necessary for the church staff, but many families wish to make such gifts in gratitude for the ministry they have received. Honorariums are appropriate for non-members. Suggested honorariums are $150.00 for the organist, $150.00 for the sexton, and $200.00 minimum for the pastor. If a member uses a guest organist, with the approval of the pastor, that person should receive an honorarium.

Non-members, upon approval of the Session, are also welcome to use the church. There is a fee of $500.00 for the use of the church and a fee of $200.00 for the sexton services. Any fee may be waived at the discretion of the pastor.

The Family Before and After the Service

The family usually gathers in the Fellowship Hall before the service where they can care for one another before the service. The congregation will provide?beverages. The pastor will escort them to the sanctuary at the appropriate time.  After the service, the family follows the pastor out of the sanctuary.


LMPC usually does not provide a nursery for the funeral. If it is imperative that a family have child care, the church can make such arrangements with at least a 24 hour notice. In order to insure the safety of all children, childcare must be provided by persons certified by LMPC to provide such care.

Ministries of the Deacons to the Family

Funeral Committee of LMPC

Deacons are ordained laypersons who are elected by the congregation of LMPC to provide ministries of caring. The Deacons of the church will respond quickly when there is a death. They work with the pastors in making preparations for the service of your loved ones. This is a list of ministries the deacons perform for the families having a funeral at this church:

  • Prepare the sanctuary for the service
  • Place the flowers that you have requested in the sanctuary
  • Place any guest book, provided by the funeral home or the family, in the Narthex
  • Provide beverages for the family in the Fellowship Hall before the service
  • Greet and Usher at the service
  • Distribute the order of worship to guests
  • Reserve pews for family members
  • Provide tissues and water for the family in the pews
  • Direct parking

In addition, The Helping Hands, a committee of the deacons, may provide a light reception in the Fellowship Hall after the service or a meal for up to 50 people in the home. This is a gift from the church to the member?s family.

In order to make certain that LMPC meets the specific needs of your family, please assign one person from the family to convey the family’s wishes to the deacons. This prevents confusion during a difficult time. The deacons may be reached by calling the church office.

More information about funerals at LMPC may be found in the Addendum to this policy which is located on the church’s website. Lake Murray Presbyterian Church counts it a privilege to minister to you during this difficult time. May the Lord comfort you and fill you with peace.

See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them;
they will be His peoples,
 and God Himself will be with them;
God will wipe every tear from their eyes.
Death will be no more;
mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.

Revelation 21:3

Columbarium and Celebration Garden

We dedicated our columbarium and celebration garden July 20, 2008. We have a garden committee that assures the beauty of the garden around the columbarium.

Niches in the columbarium are $2,500 for a double niche.
The garden is available for cremated remains to be interred.

Only church members, former pastors and pastors, and others by approved by the Session may be interred in the columbarium.

There is a memorial wall for those who want to remember church members who are interred elsewhere. A small fee will be charged for the plaque.