A church is a wonderful place to have a wedding if you want God’s blessing upon your marriage. Lake Murray Presbyterian is a beautiful place for a wedding – with its center aisle, worshipful setting, and seating capacity of about 550. The Christian church has traditionally encouraged people to get married in a church building, but also recognizes that it is even more important to have the faith in our hearts to really receive God’s blessing.

Over the years, the church has experienced loss and abuse (often not intentionally) by those who have used the church. To be good stewards of the building that many have sacrificed to build at LMPC, there are several rules to be followed.

Please call the church office (345-5140) or e-mail us if you wish to reserve the sanctuary for a wedding. To be married by one of our ministers, our church requires at least one counseling session. We require the use of our wedding director, organist and pastor. However, other organists and ministers may be used with permission from the pastor. Please call to get more specific information.

Schedule of fees:
Use of facilities- non-members $800 (Members free)
Wedding Director- $250
Organist $250, $25 for each additional fee per vocal/instrumentalist
Sound System- $50
An Honorarium is expected for the minister for non-members ($300)
(Members are not expected to give an honorarium)
Custodian services*- $150, Fellowship $100

*Custodian fee will be doubled if room is not restored to service ready condition within two hours of ceremony.
Non-members are required to pay half of the sanctuary fee when making reservations. Reservations may not be made more than a year in advance.

For a link to the full policy click here

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