THORNWELL HOME FOR CHILDREN?- a home for abused or neglected children in Clinton, SC.? Many small groups adopt a cottage, and our youth do events witht the youth of Thornwell.? We give generously toward their endowment.? The Justin Pepper Toy Drive brings Christmas toys to the youth and children at Thornwell (our youth help deliver them).

PRESBYTERIAN COMMUNITIES?(Formerly Presbyterian Home)- five retirement centers in South Carolina that provide encouraging,safe, clean, and spiritualy uplifting retirement living.

MIGRANT MISSIONS – We seek to minister to the migrant workers in Lexington County with other Presbyterian churches in our region. Usually we provide Spanish-English Bible.

PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE – Our church provides and endows a scholarship for local students who want to attend a Christian liberal arts college with deep Presbyterian roots.

DISASTER RELIEF – We have taken groups to work in disaster relief in our region.? We have taken groups to MS, LA, FL GA, and SC.  We are an active host site for Flood Relief for PDA starting in 2016.  There were 12,000 families flooded out in SC and the midlands were hit hardest.  We provided immediate relief as a distribution center for people to give to the local shelters that sprang up.  We filled and emptied our gymnasium 12 times, and distributed a whole gym-load of bottled water as there was a water advisory for up to 4 weeks for some in our area. In the midst of this help we saw God at work in love for neighbor and stranger.  As Jesus said, “When you do something for the least of these- you do it for me.”

We offer immediate help to people in need through our One Great Hour of Sharing Offering taken at Easter.
You may give to disaster causes through our church anytime – and Presbyterian Disaster Association (PDA).
We occasionally take groups to help with disaster relief.

gym from above 10-5-15Some Flood relief Items distributed to victims.