Prayer Requests

Requests as of December 26, 2017

New Requests: Bill Bigler, Charles Blau, Ben Lundy; Ellie George Howe; Bob Brabham; Doug Williams;  Bunny Runge; Laura Winfield;  For those rebuilding from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose; Congratulations to Ryan & Nikki Brown on the birth of Cohen 9/28; Congratulations to Kayla and Kyle Hinton on the birth of Everett 9/26.  Congratulations to the Holycrosses on the birth of their son 9/24. Those who lost their jobs at the nuclear construction plants; Gladys Wyly (recovering in Charleston from hip surgery 8/11); John Winfield (8/16 shoulder); Don Faulkner (home); Anna Jasinski (knee surgery 8/3); Dot Williams (shoulder surgery recovery); David Fry (father of Laura Smith)- throat cancer; John Brown (heart surgery 7/19); Carolyn Winchip back (7/11)- back in the hospital; Dick Wilkins- health south; Brenda Rowe- carotid artery surgery 7/21 (home 7/31); David Evans; Lynn Bigler;Travis Davidson (halfway house);  Della Griffith; Earl Guilford;

Grief Requests:Family of Lynn Bigler (died 12/26);  Family of Tommy Runge (funeral 9/29/17); Family of Graham White Sr. (Graham Jr. and Jason); Elizabeth Pepper (mother died); Family of Cherie Menchinger (Irene and Ernie); Family of Myrtle Shealy (Thomas, Robert, Aaron, Stephen); Family of George Shealy (Carolyn); Todd Oswald upon the death of his mother; Pat O’Cain upon the death of his brother Bill; Ali Walker and family upon the death of her father, Francie Moss; Andy Hastings and family upon the death of his father MIke;  Irene Menchinger upon the death of her daughter, Cheryl Lynn Menchinger (Celebration 3/19 Forest Lake Pres); Dallene Patterson Smith upon the death of her mother; Shelley Ray (brother Chip Clary died 10/19); Jane Jermac’s sister’s family (funeral 10/15); Donna Faircloth (Grandmother died); Joe Williams family (funeral 8/29 3 pm Pres Home); ; Andy Barwick family;  Jan Overstreet family; Midge Burgess family; Lisa Hawkins upon the death of her mother Betty Jean Hawkins; Andy Boone upon the death of his mother, Betty Boone; Amee White upon the death of her mother, Johnnie Sites; Mele Baize (death of father -funeral 6/6/16); Brenda White and family upon the death of her mother, Janie Gibson (5/10/16); Trish Edwards and family upon the death of her mother Pat Creighton; DeNere Anderson family (3/30); Tom Effinger (loss of father),  Willie Matthias (loss of brother David), Barb Washington (loss of mother); Leigh Shealy and family (loss of her father); John Richards and family (loss of his mother); Family of Steve Hyatt (died 12/3- service here 12/7 10:30 ); Lovelace family (Mary lost her father, Oscar his mother); Robin Melvin and Jody Lane and families (father died); Gerri Brossard (father died 11/8); Pam Helms father died; Nancy Whiteside family; Joe David family; Jackie Rhame family (died 10/8, funeral 10/13 1 PM); Mack Pruett family (funeral 10/7); Joe Lutz (died 9/20- funeral 9/25); Amy Miles family (Shulers- died 10/3); Ronnie Collins (died 7/30); ?Sandy Brossard (Father died);? Julia Hermelin (mother died); Kirk Burnett (father died 5/8); Zach Wenham family (funeral 4/29); ?Neva Loftis family upon the death of her mother (funeral 4/14/15); Steve Holleman upon the death of his father Hugh in Franklin, NC (4/10/15); Danny Hood family upon the death of his father, Jean (died 3/16/15 Goldsboro NC), David Ewan family, Buster Rhame family, ?Lewie Harrell family; Betty McEntire family; Olin Rowe family Memorial service?LMPC 7/19 2 PM; Lovic Brooks upon the death of his father, Lovic Brooks II- funeral 7/18 11AM?Rosalayn UMC in Atlanta; Anne Peters upon the death of her mother 6/23; Pam Helms upon the death of her mother. Eric Rogers upon the loss of his grandmother; Ryan Donahue upon the loss of her grandmother; ?Pat Griffin family (funeral at Westminster 5/15 7 PM); Shay Rube upon the death of her father; Kit Oswald upon the death of her mother; Becky Hash upon the death of her parent; 3/1 – John and Lee Riser upon the loss of his father. ?2/7- Dede Elmore and family upon the loss of her mother, Betty Deane; 2/5- Danny Hood and family upon the death of his mother; 2/4 Will Clary- death of his mother in May, step-father in February; Jondy and Ken Loveless upon the loss of their nephew, Chase Loveless , Bill Salisbury Family, Hanes McEntire Family, Jenny Aldrich upon the death of her sister, Cathy Cook; Glenna Shuler Family, Bob Gjertsen Family, Neva Loftis Family, Sue Madden Family, Roland Lavigne Family, Dwayne Taylor Family, Mike Truluck Family OnGoing Health Concerns:?Tricia Culluam, Paul Scott, Mike Burgin (Paul’s brother- heart 7/25); Nancy Whiteside, Shannon Harrill; Van Brown,? Joe David, Roxanne Edwards, Bill Bradshaw, Ruth Palassis Dave Shuler, Kay Sloan, Otis Bobb,?Marty Milam, Walt Rucker, Charles Cothran, Daniel White and Family,?First Responders: Jason Joannides, Chris Lindler, John Bishop.

Relatives and Friends:? Maureen Boeke- sister of Lorraine Gjertsen (cancer); Deborah Shields, sister of Judy Jarrett Brown, Bruce, Joanne and Mary Grace Loveless;

Praise and Thanks:
. LMPC concerns: Nominations of Elders and Deacons;  Sunday Schools classes and Bible studies, new daughter church

Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear to dull to hear. Isaiah 59:1

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.

Pray continually. I Thess. 5:17