Prayer Requests

Requests as of April 25, 2016
Those who are flooded out in our state and area.

New Requests:  Sarah Blackmon; Jane Cloninger (new member); Beckham Davis (new baby to Greg and Amber!); Jan Overstreet (pneumonia); Sandra Shealy (surgery 4/18); Linda Demos (sister of Peggy Burgin); Lovic Brooks- new moderator of Trinity Presbytery;  Blaine HIll and family upon their transition to LMPC; Nancy Brooks (chemo);

Bereavement: Trish Edwards and family upon the death of her mother Pat Creighton; DeNere Anderson family (3/30); Tom Effinger (loss of father),  Willie Matthias (loss of brother David), Barb Washington (loss of mother); Leigh Shealy and family (loss of her father); John Richards and family (loss of his mother); Family of Steve Hyatt (died 12/3- service here 12/7 10:30 ); Lovelace family (Mary lost her father, Oscar his mother); Robin Melvin and Jody Lane and families (father died); Gerri Brossard (father died 11/8); Pam Helms father died; Nancy Whiteside family; Joe David family; Jackie Rhame family (died 10/8, funeral 10/13 1 PM); Mack Pruett family (funeral 10/7); Joe Lutz (died 9/20- funeral 9/25); Amy Miles family (Shulers- died 10/3); Ronnie Collins (died 7/30); ?Sandy Brossard (Father died);? Julia Hermelin (mother died); Kirk Burnett (father died 5/8); Zach Wenham family (funeral 4/29); ?Neva Loftis family upon the death of her mother (funeral 4/14/15); Steve Holleman upon the death of his father Hugh in Franklin, NC (4/10/15); Danny Hood family upon the death of his father, Jean (died 3/16/15 Goldsboro NC), David Ewan family, Buster Rhame family, ?Lewie Harrell family; Betty McEntire family; Olin Rowe family Memorial service?LMPC 7/19 2 PM; Lovic Brooks upon the death of his father, Lovic Brooks II- funeral 7/18 11AM?Rosalayn UMC in Atlanta; Anne Peters upon the death of her mother 6/23; Pam Helms upon the death of her mother. Eric Rogers upon the loss of his grandmother; Ryan Donahue upon the loss of her grandmother; ?Pat Griffin family (funeral at Westminster 5/15 7 PM); Shay Rube upon the death of her father; Kit Oswald upon the death of her mother; Becky Hash upon the death of her parent; 3/1 – John and Lee Riser upon the loss of his father. ?2/7- Dede Elmore and family upon the loss of her mother, Betty Deane; 2/5- Danny Hood and family upon the death of his mother; 2/4 Will Clary- death of his mother in May, step-father in February; Jondy and Ken Loveless upon the loss of their nephew, Chase Loveless , Bill Salisbury Family, Hanes McEntire Family, Jenny Aldrich upon the death of her sister, Cathy Cook; Glenna Shuler Family, Bob Gjertsen Family, Neva Loftis Family, Sue Madden Family, Roland Lavigne Family, Dwayne Taylor Family, Mike Truluck Family OnGoing Health Concerns:?Tricia Culluam, Paul Scott, Mike Burgin (Paul’s brother- heart 7/25); Nancy Whiteside, Shannon Harrill; Van Brown,? Joe David, Roxanne Edwards, Bill Bradshaw, Ruth Palassis Dave Shuler, Kay Sloan, Otis Bobb,?Marty Milam, Walt Rucker, Charles Cothran, Daniel White and Family,?First Responders: Jason Joannides, Chris Lindler, John Bishop. ?Relatives and Friends:? Maureen Boeke- sister of Lorraine Gjertsen (cancer); Deborah Shields, sister of Judy Jarrett Brown, Bruce, Joanne and Mary Grace Loveless; Praise and Thanks: Baptism of Gregg and Amber Davis (father and daughter 1/3/16); Baptism of Doris Moore 10/4. LMPC concerns:?Relief efforts for flood; ?Strength and grace for volunteers; Session decisions, our church, presbytery and denomination, Sunday Schools classes and Bible studies,new daughter church
?Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear to dull to hear.? Isaiah 59:1

?Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.?

?Pray continually.? I Thess. 5:17