Starting a daughter church

We are starting a daughter church!  Take a peek at our new website.

LMPC has always believed that our task is “call the wandering heart home” to Jesus Christ.  The best, and most efficient way to do that is to start a new daughter church.
Here are some reasons why we are doing this:
1) Obedience: We believe God is calling us to do this.  (Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 4:19).
2) Gratitude: We were started with the help of other churches who gave LMPC a boost with new members and treasure.
3) Generosity: We have pledged the benevolent portion of our capital campaign to the new daughter church.
4) Outreach: Our desire at LMPC is not to become a mega-church, yet we want to reach people for Christ because we sincerely believe the world is a better place when people believe.
We believe people have more hope, more strength, more perseverance when they have faith.  Whatever reason we have for going to church is a reason to spread that hope.
5) Adventure: Starting a new church is an adventure- a walk by faith and not by sight.