We love because God first loved us, and we give because God first gave to us.
All we have, all we see is a gift from God. We believe that God not only provides in general, but also answers our specific requests for daily bread.
God so loved the world that He GAVE His Son- so we give in gratitude to Him.

Every day we choose how to use the gifts we have been given. The church encourages us to follow God’s example of being generous- even sacrificial.
We do not give to the church because we think the church is perfect, but because of our faith in God. When Jesus commended the widow for giving sacrificially to a corrupt religion of that time, he noted that God sees that we give, how much we give, and that we give to Him primarily.
The church is God’s imperfect instrument that seeks to do His work.

Each year, you will have the opportunity to give to the Lord through the church at Lake Murray Presbyterian.
In November, we have our annual stewardship dinner and memberswill be asked to pledge toward the annual budget.
In March, we have a missions emphasis month in which you are encouraged to give to the benevolent budget of the church.

You may also consider making a contribution to LMPC through a charitable gift annuity, a trust, or a gift in your will.