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“World Class Christian” OR “The Eggshell is Broken” 10-4-15

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?World Class Christian or The Eggshell is Broken?? Gen. 12:1-3; Jonah 4:9-11; Acts 1:8

An egg is an amazing thing.? The shell keeps bacteria out and keeps the egg inside clean and safe.? The very nature of an egg is limited.? An egg cannot grow outside of the shell- until the shell is cracked.? It is a bit like a portable womb.? A lot of people believe God is like a womb or a shell protecting them, surrounding them, nourishing them, fulfilling them- and God really does those things.? But God wants us to get out of our shells and live.?? The truth is, the eggshell is broken.? If we are alive, our chief end is not to stay in the womb or in the shell- but to get out and live- and make a difference. ?We cannot be insular and isolated. The world has become a global village.? China has bad economic numbers and our stock market and some of your retirement accounts go down.? The Pope, a global figure, was greeted as a person as he came with huge importance for our country though he had never stepped on American soil before. ?GM sells more cars in China and the USA. ??My blog is read 50% by those outside USA. Facebook, Twitter, world news, all keep us from thinking locally. I. CALLED TO CARE ABOUT THE WORLD- We are to be world-class.? You have heard about a world class automobile, a world-class airline, or a world-class Olympic athlete; or a world class business product.? We are called to be world-class Christians. ??? Whether we like it or not, we are effected by the world.? A civil war in Syria means that millions of refugees are trying to pour into Europe and Secretary Kerri says the United States will take hundreds of thousands- some will end up in South Carolina.? Some of the Taliban and Al Qaida prisoners have moved to Charleston SC.? We know that a disease outbreak in Africa can end up in Atlanta Georgia. ????? To say we should care for the business side of the world, the political side of the world, the disease and medical side of the world but not care for the spiritual part of the world I believe would be disastrous.? In some ways- the spiritual side effects every other side. ????? More than that, biblically from the very beginning in Genesis to the very end in Revelation we are reminded that God cares about the world?and in some ways we are called by God to be Christians not just for ourselves (the egg image)? but to bless the whole world. ?In Revelation, heaven will be populated by people from every tribe and language.? Already there are believers in Christ in every nation- we are the only religion that can claim that. II. FACING THE PROBLEMS- 1. It is hard.? When a baby comes out of the womb- it cries.? It is a cold tough world.? To go into the world means taking risks- not just physically but mentally.? But ask a missionary if they were glad they went.? I have known thousands of missionaries as I was the presbytery mission chair for two presbyteries and I sat on General Assembly?s mission committee.? I have yet to meet one who says they wish they had never gone.? Ask the kids who have gone on mission trips overseas- it is a life changing experience- that you cannot get on an educational trip.? Ask Laura Edwards who went to Kenya or Becca Hancock Tomlinson who went to work with AIDS orphans in Africa. 2. There is so much to do here.? Our country is imploding spiritually and morally.? We have lost any kind of moral compass.? It shows in not being able to say no.? It shows economically in a multi-trillion dollar debt; It shows politically in that no one can say no to anything; We have become Laissez faire- live and let live- you do your thing and I?ll do mine.? That is nice for getting along- but it keeps us from making tough choices.? I believe going and caring actually can help us here.? Every mission trip I have taken I have been more inspired by the Christians in the base camps and have taken a lot back here.? It is a part of what we are called to do here.? If we create disciples who only naval gaze and care about themselves- then we are not making the right kind.? The standard of discipleship is God?s standard found in scripture- and that says we are to care for Jerusalem (local community), Judea (local area), Samaria (bordering area) and to the ends of the earth. 3. We can get compassion fatigue.? I have a hard enough time caring for my family- much less for the whole world.? But there are different levels of care.? There is a difference between saying I love my family first- and saying I don?t give a rip about anyone else.? It is not like eating a 500 pound marshmallow- we know what needs to be done we just can?t swallow it.? Part of caring for your family is teaching them how they can love each other and still put God is top priority. III. SOME PRACTICAL POINTS- ?GOD, GIVE, GO 1. Listen for world- events- and pray.? Put missionaries on your prayer list. 2. Give.? One of the things the Pope pointed out was that we are a truly blessed country and we should see that we are called to use our gifts to help others. 3. Go. Look for an opportunity to get out.? I would challenge you to challenge yourself.? Instead of just a cruise or a luxurious vacation somewhere- take a life-changing trip.? Suntans and thrills last only so long.? But a mission trip changes your inner core.? Medical Missions is opening up a new mission field with Salvadore de la Torre, who helped LMPC build a hospital in Africa years ago. ?WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY- 1933 ShadySide Pres- same ch started radio- think globally- Mt 28:19,20