October Study

5 Week Bible Study for October

For Fellowship in the Fall we are trying something a little different.
We are trying to have four different groups (primarily by age- see below);
We will eat together- ($6/person $2/child);
We will study Michael Foster’s Book “Surprise the World” about being a Missional Christian- reaching out beyond ourselves.
We will meet for five weeks- with a kickoff at Sunday Service Day.

Please note- there is flexibility in the groups below (for example if you are 50 with a kid- you can choose your group)

THERE WILL BE A 20 SOMETHING GROUP-  This group will go to a restaurant after 10:30 church on Sunday.

THERE WILL BE A 30-40’s GROUP- This group will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00- child care will be provided.

THERE WILL BE A POST-KID/PRE-RETIREMENT GROUP-  This group will meet Wednesday at 11:00 with lunch served.

Here are the five themes/chapters we will be studying each week- they combine to form the acrostic BELLS
BLESS- Seek to bless three people this week.
EAT- I will eat with three people this week- one of whom will not be a church member
LISTEN- I will spend one period this week listening to the Spirit’s voice
LEARN- I will spend time studying the life of Jesus ths week
SEND OUT.-Begin Identifying yourself as a missionary to those around you- tracking how you do so this week.

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