Youth Sunday at LMPC 4-6-14

Youth Sunday involving many youth.

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8:30 SunUp Service for?Youth Sunday; Caroline Moore, Wiggins Bates; Phill Eason’s first ordained communion.
Participants in video:
Children’s Sermon: Ashton Diggle, Will White, Spencer Bonvillain

Scripture and Sermons:
Romans 12:6-8 Read by Michael O’Cain
Homily: Caroline Moore- “God’s Gift”
John 15:1-8 Read by Shelby Harrell
Homily: Jackson Brownfield
Titus 2:7- Read by Rachel Rutkowski
Homily: Alec Rutkowski “Setting the Example”
Jeremiah 1:5; 2 Tim. 1;7; Prov. 3:5,6
Homily: Wiggins Bates “Here and Be Heard”

Other youth participants not in video:
Confession- Jake Breland; Assurance: Jack Hattaway
Passing of Peace Dylan Meetze; Announcements: Belle Harrell
Creed and Offering: Grayson Hermelin
Offertory: Children’s Choir Directed by Janet Roberts
Prayer of Dedication: Michael O’Cain
Lord’s Prayer: Josh Baxley

Communion- Youth Advisor Elders and Youth Elders Shelby Harrell and Jack Hattaway

Confirmation Class ushers

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