We are blessed with an experienced staff with a deep love for the Lord.  Our Office Phone is (803) 345-5140 Emails end with @lmpchurch.com for staff. Our church office is open Monday-Friday 8:00- 4:30.  Worship is at 8:30 and 10:30 on Sundays;
Rev. Dr. Ben Sloan
Pastor Ben is our Senior Pastor and Head of Staff.    Ben is married to Kay with 3 children and 3 grands. bens@lmpchurch.com
(803) 727-3476.
Blaine Hill
Rev. Blaine Hill
Blaine is our Associate Pastor for Missions and Evangelism.  He also does preaching once a month and teaching. Blaine is married to Laura and has 4 teens. Bhill@lmpchurch.com
(803) 422-0049
Mike Fields
Mike is our Administrative Director. He is staff liaison for administration, finance, personnel, and property. He oversees the office staff as well.
Mike is married to Kristine and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Mikef@lmpchurch.com
Sherri Lindler
Sherri Miller
Sherri is our Administrative Assistant.  She works on the bulletin, newsletter, answers the phone and more. Sherri is married to Donnie and they have three children. Sherrim@lmpchurch.com
Jennifer Williams is Assistant Director to our LMPC Day School. She is married to Doug and they have one son 
(803) 345-1152 Jenniferw@lmpchurch.com
Christy Martin is Director of our 
Francis Burriss Day School at LMPC.  Christym@lmpchurch.com
Laura Mars is our financial Admin. She handles everything from payroll, to budgets as well as helping those that stop in for something. Sherri is married to Troy and they have one son. Lauram@lmpchurch.com
Melinda Rogers is our Christian Education Director. She can be reached at melindar@lmpchurch.com
The church is governed by our board of elders, called the Session. Our Deacons are in charge of pastoral care. The elders are: Steve Shepard (clerk), Peggy Burgin, Josh Edwards, Karen Goon-Johnson, Alan Grimsley, Tom Hampe, Jessica Luther, Pat O’Cain, John Winfield, Wrye Chavis (Youth elder), Lovic Brooks, Patrick Dunbar, Pam Hutto, jane Jameson, Barbara Oswald, Gerald Rye, David Strawhorn, Sharon Woodward, Fred Yandle, John bishop, Cheyrl Boone, Ben Breland, Robby Johnson, Angie MacQueen, Robert Shealy. The Deacons are: Tammy Baxley, Vicki Brannon, Mary Griffin, Jay Johnson, Elizabeth Pepper, Heather Stalker, Camden Meetze (Youth Deacon), Bill Bearden, Jason Clayton, Lisa Cloyd, Mark Furse, Pam Helms, Stancil Hood, Willie Mathias, Ashley Raffinie, Donna Faircloth, Joanne Loveless, Shelley Ray, Ginny Rogers, Cynthia Shepard, Amee White.