How is Mission at LMPC Funded?

We have three sources of funding for missions: General Budget, Mission Fundraiser and Designated Giving

General Budget

Every year the session sets a portion of the general operating budget of the church for mission. In 2019 this
budgeted figure is $90, 540. This money is not available until the end of December of 2019. In addition to general mission work ($29,000), these funds are used to support our presbytery, church planting and a variety of organizations like Montreat, Police Chaplains and Presbyterian support groups.

Mission Fundraising

Each March the Mission Committee conducts a mission fundraiser for a wide variety of mission work: Good Works, Mission Trips to Mexico, support of international missions, We Care, Thornwell Children’s ministry, to name a few. In 2018 you gave $14,228to the mission fundraiser.

Designated Giving

Church members also make designated gifts to particular mission and ministry as they feel led by the Holy Spirit. This might be a special project like refurbishing the Justin Pepper House or an ongoing work like our mission partners in Mexico. The size of these gifts ranges from coins and dollars given on Souper Bowl Sunday to tens of thousands given to major projects

The people of LMPC are very generous in your mission giving! Thank you, and please continue to support the mission work of the church! Click here to learn more about the mission program of Lake Murray Presbyterian Church.

What is Mission Month?

Every March is designated as mission month at LMPC. The Mission committee works hard to educate the church about the various local, regional and international mission works of the congregation. The elders of the church set aside March as the month in which to hold a special fundraiser solely for Missions, that is acts outside the life of the congregation. This fundraiser started because years ago very little of the church funds were used for work outside the congregation. Thankfully, our generosity and ability to give has grown over the years.
Mission month also serves to consolidate the special offerings of the church to avoid making a special plea too often. We hope that every person at LMPC will choose to participate in the Mission Month Special offering.
How do we spend mission money at LMPC?
The Mission Fundraiser is overseen by the church missions committee.  It is divided by percentages between the local, regional, and international mission causes that the church supports (See FAQ sheet). So things like We CARE (for the hungry), the HUB (Community Center and tutoring), GOoDWorks (Housing help), Scouts, Thornwell Home for Chidlren, PC, and our international missions (Building churches/clinics/schools  in Mx, Peru, S Sudan)  are supported.
Why do we send people to far away places for mission work?
Called We send leaders and members of our congregation to work with Christians in other countries and cultures because such work has always been a vital part of the Church of Christ. God calls us to help our brothers and sisters in Christ, both near and far. The letters of Paul show that the connections across cultures are fundamental to the Christian life.We believe that God has called us into our partnerships with churches in Mexico, Peru and South Sudan.
Connected We return to the same communities year after year in order to build an ongoing relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in those places.  We are not seeking to drop in, fix a few problems, and bob back home. We want to know the people and congregations in the places where we travel.
Changed Though we definitely seek to bless and help the people with whom we serve abroad, our mission journey has as much to do with our transformation by the Holy Spirit as with the benefit to our host partners. In writing to the church in Rome, Paul notes that he wants to visit with them, so they can mutually encourage each other. Modern mission trips are as much about faith formation as mixing concrete and painting walls.
Caring We go to help the people and  churches in other places.  Our mission partners value our presence. They are encouraged in their faithfulness by our going to visit and work alongside them.