At Lake Murray Presbyterian Church we strive to help people to fully engage in the life of the congregation, whether in person on our physical campus or electronically through our online campus. Nearly all of us now make use of both platforms in some mixture. LMPC is committed to being a church both in person and online.
Join both our 8:30 and 10:30 worship services online!
Senior Pastor – Ben Sloan  
(803) 727-3476
Assoc. Pastor – Blaine Hill
Assoc. Pastor Spiritual Growth – Savannah Demunyck
Church Office (803) 345-5140
8:30 and 10:30 Online,  in the sanctuary.
We stream both services live on Facebook or YouTube or our website.
The pastors, elders and deacons want to offer you all the Christian support and encouragement possible. Please call the pastors directly on their cellphones
Rev. Ben Sloan (803)  727-3476
Rev. Blaine Hill (803)  422-0049
The church office is now open and you are welcome to call (803) 345-5140.
Offering baskets are positioned at the exits.
Give on line here or fill out a bank draft form.
Text to give – Just text Pledge to 803-403-1069 
Mail your offering to: 2721 Dutch Ford Rd. Chapin, SC 29036
Drop your offering in the lockbox at the church office.
Click HERE to sign up for our weekly electronic newsletter, the
E-News. It comes out every Friday.
Be sure to visit our FaceBook page as well.
We have a variety of Bible studies and Sunday School classes meeting electronically this summer by ZOOM. The class, meeting time and date, and class coordinator are listed below. Contact them or the church office for Zoom login credentials. For classes conducted by ZOOM you enter the ID number for that class into your ZOOM application. You may also call (929) 436 2866 and enter the meeting ID number for that class. In either case you will wait in the virtual waiting room until you are admitted to the class. Please try to arrive a few minutes before the group begins, and mute your audio.
Quest Sunday School                         9:30 Sunday                        Fred Yandle 
Zoom ID # 879 43428247                                  (803) 528-9505
Please contact Fred Yandle for the passcode for the meeting
Reading Zephaniah
The Journey                                        9:30 Sunday                             Class Led
         Relating the Bible and events of the day, using the curriculumn,
Contact Pastor Blaine Hill at if you would like to receive the weekly information about this class. The class is building a Facebook group, and we invite you to join.
Jesus Seekers                                      9:30 Sunday by Zoom                           
A lively conversation as they read through the Book of Mark. Contact the church office for details.
Disciple Bible Study                          10:00 Thursday                          Rev. Blaine Hill
Zoom ID# 669 804 8490                 (803) 422-0049
Reading Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. You are welcome to participate when you are available.
Bible Survey                                      Email based                                Ruthanne Nicholson
                                                                    (803) 609-0741
Ruthanne emails out a lesson each week until the class can resume gathering to read through scripture.
Mom’s Bible Study to resume when meeting is once again safe.
Click here to see the opportunities for you to actively and personally contribute to the mission work of LMPC, even in the midst of the pandemic. 
Local Support Agencies
We continue to support our ministry partners in the Chapin area with donations of food and other goods. Because of your generosity, we are able to meet our financial support commitments. 
Regional and International
We are in touch with regional minsitries like Thornwell and international ministries in Mexico. Though we cannot travel to partner with them, our brothers and sisters in Mexico and South Sudan miss us and are praying for us.
Daughter Church
Foundation Presbyterian Church is currently meeting in the Cove next to the Gym at Lake Murray Presbyterian. Contact Blaine Hill at (803) 345-5140 or at for more details.
Day School
 Please contact the Day School at (803) 345-1152 for details and information.
Rev. Dr. Ben Sloan and Rev. Blaine Hill livestream video devotionals every Monday through Thursday on Facebook.
You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view them.
You can listen to Blaine’s devotional as a podcast through his website or through itunes.
Both BSA Troop 411 (Boys) and 412 (Girls) continue to be very active through online meetings and merit badge instruction. They have resumed socially distant meetings. The Scouts are learning new skills and continue to advance in rank. If you would like your child to participate in scouting, please contact Rev. Blaine Hill at (803)345-5140. He will connect you with the appropriate leader.
We invite you to join Lake Murray Presbyterian Church. In normal times, we would invite you to meat the elders of the church at the baptismal font after worship. There, you could join by transfer of membership, re-affirmation of faith, or profession of faith.
In the midst of the COVID19 epidemic, please contact Rev. Blaine Hill at or (803) 422-0049 to discuss membership.  We have a new category of affiliation called “online partners” for those who would like to be a part of LMPC but do so online.  We also have established an online “friends of LMPC” which is like a “subscribe” to us category (you can still be a member of another church).   
We are working to build a prayer team. If you would like to covenant to pray for the needs of the church through the Facebook group…