SING TO THE LORD A NEW SONG- His praise in the Assembly of the saints (Ps. 96:1) 
At Lake Murray Presbyterian we have added new staff in the last year and are saying goodbye to some experienced staff.  Notably, our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ben Sloan, who has served us for 18 years is retiring (at 65 as of 9/13/22).  
While we have capable Associate Pastors in Rev. Blaine Hill and Rev. Savannah Demuynck, we will also be looking to add an Interim Pastor for a time, and take this opportunity to re-evaluate our ministry and how we might improve our service to the Lord, our community, and our people.  
On 5/22/22 Our Session, upon getting the okay to do so by Trinity Presbytery’s COM, elected an Interim Search Committee (ISC).  This committee consists of Ginny Rogers (chair), Cheyrl Boone (Vice Chair), Mary Higginbotham, Merideth Strawhorn, and John Harris.   Dr. Danny Murphy, our General Presbyter, will be coming in August to explain the timeline and procedures to the congregation.  We hope to get an Interim Pastor here to help with the work of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care until the Senior Pastor arrives.  
Soon we will call a congregational meeting to both: 1) Dissolve Dr. Sloan’s call effective 9/13/22 and 2) appoint a Nominating Committee that will nominate elders and deacons to the congregation as well as nominate a Pulpit Nominating Committee (at the proper time after the Interim is here) to look for a new Senior Pastor.   
Dr. Sloan announced his retirement 4/24, and his last working day is 7/31 and his last official day is 9/13/22 (his 65th birthday when he is eligible for Medicare).