SING TO THE LORD A NEW SONG- His praise in the Assembly of the saints (Ps. 96:1) 
At Lake Murray Presbyterian we have added new staff in the last year and are saying goodbye to some experienced staff.  Notably, our Senior Pastor, Dr. Ben Sloan, who has served us for 18 years is retiring (at 65 as of 9/13/22).  
While we have capable Associate Pastors in Rev. Blaine Hill and Rev. Savannah Demuynck, we will also be looking to add an Interim Pastor for a time, and take this opportunity to re-evaluate our ministry and how we might improve our service to the Lord, our community, and our people.  
On 5/22/22 Our Session, upon getting the okay to do so by Trinity Presbytery’s COM, elected an Interim Search Committee (ISC).  This committee consists of Ginny Rogers (chair), Cheyrl Boone (Vice Chair), Mary Higginbotham, Merideth Strawhorn, and John Harris.   Dr. Danny Murphy, our General Presbyter, will be coming in August to explain the timeline and procedures to the congregation.  We hope to get an Interim Pastor here to help with the work of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care until the Senior Pastor arrives.  
On July 10th we will call a congregational meeting to both: 1) Dissolve Dr. Sloan’s call effective 9/13/22 and 2) appoint a Nominating Committee that will nominate elders and deacons to the congregation as well as nominate a Pulpit Nominating Committee (at the proper time after the Interim is here) to look for a new Senior Pastor.   
Dr. Sloan announced his retirement 4/24, and his last working day was 7/31. His last official day is 9/13/22 (his 65th birthday when he is eligible for Medicare).  The presbytery’s Committee on MInistry and the presbytery as a whole approved his being the pulpit supply at Foundation Presbyterian (a temporary, part-time position until the church is able to hire someone permanent and full time).  
The session formed a transition team to oversee the various components of change in the coming year. The members of the transition team are Trip Chavis (chair), Pat O’Cain, Melinda Rogers, Gail Comalander. Rev. Blaine Hill serves as the staff resource to the transition team.  There will be a listening session 9/4/22 after worship in the fellowship hall with the Transition Committee.  
There have also been some office staff changes in the last 6 months.  But the Session and Program Staff want to assure you we are working hard to do the work of ministry at LMPC.  Amy Frick is the new secretary.  Dana Taylor is the new Bookeeper.  Jennifer Williams is the new Day School Director;  Sue Tominey is the Assistant Day School Director.  Denise Holland is the new Adminsitrative Director.  Rev. Blaine Hill is the Lead Associate and Interim Head of Staff.  He will remain Head of Staff until the Interim or Senior Pastor arrive.  Blaine and Savannah have been given extra duties (and extra pay) as they fill this interim interim period.  
Please pray for LMPC as we go through these transitions.  

Pastoral Transition Glossary: some abbreviations and terms

LMPC Lake Murray Presbyterian Church

PCUSA  Our denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA).

TP       Trinity Presbytery, the regional body that oversees Lake Murray Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Dr. Danny Murphy is the General Presbyter in Trinity Presbytery.

Session This is the board of elders that governs the congregation. The elders are elected by the congregation each year. They serve a term of three years.

COM  Commission on Ministry. This is the group in Trinity Presbytery that manages the relationship between pastors and congregations. It acts on behalf of the presbytery at various points in calling a pastor.

COM liaison Our church will be given a liaison, or contact person on the Commission on Ministry.

PIF Personal Information Form. This is a standardized ‘resume’ that our denomination uses in the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) for pastors who are seeking or open to accepting a new call.

MIF Ministry Information Form The standardized ‘resume’ that our denominstion uses in the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) for congregations that are seeking a pastor.

CLC Church Leadership Connection The computerized matching service that our denomination provides to connect congregations and potential pastors. Any MIF or PIF in this system has been approved by the appropriate presbytery.

Interim Pastor A pastor who serves congregations by providing temporary leadership for a congregation when their pastor has left the congregation. An interim pastor has received specialized training for this work.

Interim Search Committee A committee of the Session that is to locate a suitable interim pastor to serve LMPC. The Session of LMPC has appointed Ginny Rogers (chair), Cheyrl Boone (vice-chair), Mary Higginbotham, Meredith Strawhorn, and John Harris.

Congregational nominating committee A committee of the congregation that nominates a slate of elders and deacons each year for the church. In some churches, the congregational nominating committee will also nominate the pastor search committee. LMPC will hold a congregational meeting to elect the congregational nominating committee on July 10th.

Pastor Nominating Committee A committee of the congregation that seeks out and finds a person for the congregation to call, in partnership with Trinity Presbytery, to serve as the installed pastor of LMPC.

Installed Pastor A pastor who is a covenanted relationship with a congregation. Ben, Blaine and Savannah are all called and installed pastor.

Terms of Call These are the details of call (ie compensation) for a pastor. The COM of TP must approve these terms. They include effective salary (cash and housing), profession expenses (such as automotive, education, etc), dues to the Board of Pensions to provide retirement, medical insurance, and death disability insurance, SECA tax offset, vacation, study leave among other things.

Updated VBH 6/23/22